Allianz Annuities

Allianz annuities are underwritten by Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company offers life insurance, variable and fixed annuities, and has more than 100,000 agents in the United States. The company is a subsidiary of Allianz SE, the 20th largest world based corporation with over 155,000 employees worldwide.

Allianz is the largest issuer of index annuity policies.

Many insurance companies that sell index annuities have been defending themselves against class action lawsuits because the original policies that were sold were complex and not explained properly by the agents. To help combat this problem, Allianz annuities are now subject to extensive reviews and suitability standards before they are issued.

• All annuity applications Allianz receives go through a suitability rules check, and they have a more detailed review process for applications that require further analysis. Allianz will not approve applications that do not pass their suitability testing.
• Customers also receive a third-party survey that quantifies their hapiness with the sales process and explanation of the product.
• All owners of Allianz annuities over age 75 are called to review the features of the program they invested in and to verify their awareness of the contract’s terms and responsibilities. If Allianz determines a customer did not fully understand the purchase or that it was unsuitable for their needs, Allianz will offer a full return of premium.

Allianz is the largest issuer of equity index annuities. In the most recent quarter ending in June 2011, the company had premium of $5.6 billion through the first half of 2011. The company has also added new life insurance products in the recent quarter. The company has maintained strong ratings through the current financial crisis. There ratings are:

A.M. Best A (Excellent)
Standard & Poor’s AA (Very Strong)
Moody’s A2 (Good)

So if you are looking for Allianz annuities, the company has a wide variety of offerings and strong financial stability.